Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Storage Wars

Do you all watch the show Storage Wars?  My husband has my kids at the gym and instead of doing something productive I am being super lazy and sitting on the couch with a glass of wine.  Since I'm all caught up on my dvr'd shows I'm flipping through the channels.  I land on Storage Wars which seems like my cup of tea.  People who bid on abandoned storage units without really knowing whats inside. 

Although its a pretty entertaining show, for some reason I feel like I'm being dupped.  I get the feeling the producers or whoever is in charge of the wow factor are conveniently placing cool items worth hundreds of dollars in the units.  Does anyone else watch?  Maybe I'm just a cynic but I don't buy it!  BUT...a show I will recommend is HOMELAND!!! 

Anyone watch that?  We are almost through the first season and slightly depressed it's about to come to an end (for the time being at least!) 

PS can you tell I am still in my super lazy, non-redoing, holidays are kicking my butt, wish my kids were back in preschool phase!?!  Hope I snap out of it soon!


  1. i watch this show. i do feel like they say they will make a certain price for the things and i think they estimate way to high especially on the furniture they find. But its still fun to watch.

  2. my boyfriend and I are addicted to storage wars....I just don't see how they always find this amazing stuff...who keeps that stuff in storage??? Also, can't stand the "yuuuupppp!" guy. Want to slap him.

  3. Storage Wars and Auction Hunters are addictive but like all other "reality" shows,.....they are as far from real as you can get. Remember in the olden days when they had shows based on a story someone thought up and there were people who acted out the story? Reality shows are multiplying like rabbits!

  4. I was watching it... but no more. To me, the reality is that those lockers were someones HOME, their life, and they lost it. Call it the recession blues, but I don't care to watch it anymore... especially the way they carelessly toss around the items only looking for their greedy treasures...

    We alrighty... How ya doin' otherwise??
    enJOY your wine and cathcing up!
    xo Lynda

  5. My husband and I are hooked on this show. I have had a number of different thoughts about all of the 'WOW factor' pieces that they have found. Its always so random and sometimes there is just ONE thing. It seems odd to me that if something is so valuable and 'collectible' in some instances that there would be more than one. Sometimes there is but most of the time there isn't. I've often thought that the estimated worth on some of the things or the prices that they say they can sell things for were extremely inflated. However, then I remember that they are in California and the cost of living is much higher there. Its entertaining though and after all isn't that why most people watch TV. Unless you are watching the news then most things shouldn't be taken TOO seriously.