Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting my fix!

So it's been a few days since I was out goodwill hunting with the holidays and all and I was starting to get the shakes.  I had to run out and finish some last minute gift getting for someone on my list and just so happened to be passing by a Goodwill.  I'd left my husband with the kids for what he thought was a quick shopping trip so I had to make it snappy!

I wasn't even going to go in but I'm sooooooo glad I did!  Look what I found!!!!

Can I get a Hells Yeah!!!
This Chippendale arm chair was $15.  I was so excited normally I just rip the tag off (to claim it as mine) and continue shopping but it was too risky!  I carried that thing around as I continued shopping just to make sure no one could gank it from me!!!

I'm giving this to my mom for Christmas to maybe go with her campaign desk she redid a while back... because who doesn't want a $15 used chair from a possibly germ and bug invested house under their Christmas tree!?!?!  I kid, I think she's going to pass out when she sees it and since she loves a good deal just as much as the rest of us it will make the gift even sweeter!

And because you may not believe this insane price I included a pic of the tag because if I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe me either!!!

And head over to my facebook page if you are bored.  I just added a little class to my Class and Trash inventory with some Lilly Pulitzer items.  Oh and feel free to "like" the page...I'll consider it a belated Christmas gift from you ;)


  1. [swoon!]... You ARE the queen of thrifting!!

  2. I love your chair! Why can't I ever find anything at Goodwill. Everytime I go in it all just looks so sad. Sorry to whine so much. Earlier this year I did find a great Jenny Lind twin bed on Craigslist. I painted it a great red in milk paint and have it in my grandson's bedroom. I haven't posted it yet.

  3. You always find the best stuff at Goodwills!Which one did you find this in? Lucky!

  4. okay I am seriously going to the wrong goodwills. I actually went to two yesterday and it took longer to get in and out of the car then it did to actually shop.

  5. My husband, Mom, and Dad all got a gift from Goodwill. It's a tradition with me!

  6. Great find! Lucky mom!



  7. I am a lucky mom! Going to Ufab this afternoon to get some new fabric and then I have a couple ideas for that beauty! I ll take some after pics to share! Love it, thanks again. Love u