Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Sponsor...New Obsession

I'm excited to announce that I have yet another blog sponsor!  Whitney from Scentsy approached me about advertising her little side business on the blog.  Scentsy is a company that sells a safe alternative to scented candles! Their warmers melt and warm scented wax and release the fragrance into the air which means – no burning.  But the best part is the wax holders are so stinkin' cute!

Whitney sent me a plug-in warmer (they also have traditional ones that look like candle holders) so I could try it and give an honest assessment.   I immediately fell in love! 
 Look how cute this is! 

Love the design!

There's the scented wax.

Doubles as a night light!

I have it in my downstairs bathroom which is near the front door.  I swear every time I walk into the house its like instant relaxation!  Today I was running in and out about a million times getting my kids in the car for preschool, stressed and panicked, and each time I ran in to get a forgotten item the scent was like a breath of fresh air.  I felt like it was a stress zapper (I'm not exaggerating!)

Their prices are really affordable and since it's totally reusable it saves a lot in the long run.  I know these are going to be at the top of my list for gifts for that $20 range or a fabulous stocking stuffer!

If you are interested looking through their catalog click here.  You will not be disappointed.

And if you are interested in hosting a party (and earn free and half priced goods!) contact Whitney on her Scentsy site here.  You can also have Whitney provide you with a basket instead of hosting a full blown party and you can take it to your work, moms group, etc and still earn the rewards towards your own scentsy products.

For any other questions contact Whitney at 716-378-2542 or

So have you all ever tried Scentsy before?  Was I the only one in the dark about its fabulousness?!?!


  1. i have 2! love scentsy - burning blueberry cheesecake in the kitchen and newborn nursery in the bathroom:)

  2. I have scentsys all over my house and love them! I have cinnamon bear burning right now!

  3. Super cute! I was just thinking about what to get teachers this year... maybe i have my solution!

  4. Definitely putting on my Christmas wish list and sounds perfect for GreatNan s apartment because it sounds so safe!!

  5. Thanks for the great post Erin! I am so glad you love it... anyone who would like to order anything or who wants to have a party please email me! It really is awesome stuff or I wouldn't be selling it! Addicting though.... lol