Monday, November 14, 2011

Bamboo-a-palooza (cont.)

Alight Ladies and Gents! 

As promised here is Exhibit B:
and my second crazy bamboo find from last week!!!

I found FOUR of these lovelies on Craigslist
(Ignore the missing seat cushion!  I have those but removed them before the pic to prime them!)

along with two of these pretties

for a total of $200!!!  So basically $33 a chair!

I think I am still in shock as I've been searching for these Chippendale style chairs for quite some time now.  It's one of the items on my list of must finds.

So now comes the task of deciding what color to paint them!?  I'm so overwhelmed with the job of choosing!  It seems like such a big decision so I'll be asking for your help!  I'll be back with pics of my dining room to get your color ideas tomorrow. 

But for now lets look at some chairs for sale that make me feel happy about my cheapo chippendales!

VINTAGE BAMBOO Orange LACQUER Chair Chinoiserie/ Chinese Chippendale

Macau Armchair


  1. ROCK ON!!! Did you end up getting those awesome bamboo book shelf things from the thrift store!?!

  2. I want to have dinner at your new dining table arrangement! Can't wait to see it! Love all the above chairs!!!

  3. You found some incredible chairs at incredible prices. Can't wait to see the completed project.

  4. I hope we ll be sitting on these new chairs for Thanksgiving dinner!!! And hopefully we can all go thrifting together and fill up the cars with some great finds!!

  5. Oh I'm so jealous - it is never possible to find such lovely furniture secondhand in Queensland! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. Ooooo I am so jealous you scored those bamboo chairs! The color possibilities are endless!

  7. Amazing find.....Love them! $33 dollars a chair could never be passed up!

  8. NO YOU didn't!!!!!! Ahhh I am dying to find those for anything less than $100...let alone $33! Good work!

  9. Those are great finds! I can't wait to see what you do with them :)