Sunday, July 17, 2011

Laundry Room Quick Fix

My friend Jennifer had me over the other day to ask some advice about her laundry room.  You have to pass through coming from the garage so it is very visible part of the home.  She had a bookshelf she wanted to paint but wasn't sure what color.  After a little thought I've come up with...drumroll please...gray.  Her walls have a great yellow and cream stripe which I love!  And she has some fabulous built-in's to conceal clutter (not that she has any!  She is crazy organized!).

Here is (a blurry) photo of Jennifer's laundry space

 Here are a few ideas of what the gray might look like up against the yellow and cream walls.

bedrooms - Aluminum Wine Table yellow pillow walls gray tufted headboard nailhead slipper chair silver wine table white yellow gray bedroom

Then I was thinking in order to tie in the gray you could make one of these boards with some fabric that has yellow, cream and gray (should be easy to find, its a very popular color combo!) and hang this using 3M Velcro strips on the door and could hang the kids work from it.

recycled frame magnetic board

custom memo board
Above two photos from
I also think hanging 3 of these horizontally on the wall above the book shelf would look great to tie the colors together.  I happen to know the girl who made these (me!) and could cut you a deal ;)  The great thing about these is you can pick whatever paper/colors you want to put behind the chandelier. 

Making your laundry room fancy is all the rage these days.  Anyone folding laundry in a pimped out space!?  Do you think it makes doing laundry more enjoyable? 


  1. Love yellow and grey! A small rug would be nice too to soften it up.

  2. Even if I was doing laundry in Sarah Richardson's laundry room, I still wouldn't enjoy it, but I love your ideas for your friends' laundry room. It's going to look fantastic!

  3. In the middle of our laundry room re-do as I type...and Kristen Martin was my house this weekend and told me that I would love your blog, and I had to tell her "Duh, already read it". HA!

  4. beautiful color combo!! Enjoy reading your blog.