Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alexander' ain't no Goodwill!

I'm back with a report on our trip to Alexander's Auction.  Let me start by saying I am so glad I went and it was a really neat experience.  The amount of stuff they had to auction was CA-RAZY!!!!  I think it went until around midnight...but this old lady left around 9:30. 

The guy doing the announcing was LEGIT!!!!  It basically went like this... blablablablabla bid bla bla bla bla $150 bla bla bla do I have $155 bla bla bla.  It was frightening and we were scared to death to jump in and place a bid. I was terrified to scratch my head, point to something or really even make eye contact with the auctioneer in fear of him thinking I was bidding!!! 

We didn't end up leaving with anything but we did make a few bids to be quickly squashed by someone with much deeper pockets.  So here's some of the things we liked or bid on.

Love the campaign style, of course, but didn't love the leather top.  Didn't bid but it went for $150ish

LOVE!  This was gorgeous.  My sister nearly wet her pants but placed a bid on this puppy.  Ended up going to someone else for $325

My sister's friend Hilliary bid on these but didn't want to spend the $200ish since she was going to have to reupholster them.

Be still my heart!  This was my one and only bid.  Isn't she purdy!!!  Went for $250 and not with me :(

Most of the items were really beautiful, minus these really weird chickens!  And someone actually paid $35 for two of these!

This went for $95 which I thought was a pretty good buy.

There was a hidden shotgun in the handle of this cane.  Apparently it was just on some HGTV show.  Went for a silly $750!!! 

If you are in the area I would definitely go check it out and place a bid or two, unless you see me there, then only bid if I'm not bidding ;)

Stay tuned this week for the buffet reveal.  I am so in love!!!  Can't wait to show you!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. cool stuff, but those bidders have deeper pockets than me, too, my friend!

  2. That shotgun cane was on Pawn Stars, I think...My husband makes me watch the show with him!

  3. Yes, we tend to get a bit spoiled shopping at thrift stores.

  4. I'm late to the thrifting game, but I found some pretty great resources to help with the treasure hunt.