Sunday, May 8, 2011

Patio Perfection!

My friend Katie emailed me this weekend about some advice for the hand me down patio furniture her and her husband just received from his parents.  I figured I would write a post about it because it is that time of year and there may be many of you in the same predicament. 

Here are Katie's before pictures:

So the easiest thing would be to give these a fresh coat of spray paint and throw some cute seat cushions on!  But those little things can get pricey!  I tried to find the cutest cheapest ones around.

Here are a few I found:
Target $25 each
Spray paint furniture blue (risky but fun!)
Target $25 each for just the seat cushion (no pic sorry, link will take you to it!)

JCPenny $17.50 each

JCPenny $17.50 each for just rounded seat cushion like above. 
 It comes in this material though and this was the only pic showing it!
Walmart $18.11 each (sorry for the unclear picture!)

BUT THESE!!!  Look at these THRIFTY treasures!

Aren't they SO CUTE!  And for $5.88 each!!!! You can not beat that price! 
I found them at Home Depot.  They were at the end of an aisle in the front of the store. 
NOT near the other patio furniture and cushions.
They also come in coordinating colors to fit a lounge chair for $19.99

I think it would look super cute if you spray painted the chairs and table in black, navy or white.  Then do the bar cart in a fun color like green or yellow to match whatever cushions you get. 

And here is another inspirational photo if you really want to get wild and crazy!

Here is her before:


AND THE AFTER!  Ooooh la la LOVE IT!

Make sure to give your furniture a good sanding, wipe it clean, then use something like this product to spray paint them.  I'm sure most brands carry something similar.

Outdoor SpacesĀ® Hammered Finish

 Good luck Katie!  Hope this helps!!! Send us your after pictures if you decide to tackle the project!


  1. I have a very similar set to the one your friend just got. I need to freshen it up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Ohhhhh, I do love that yellow set!! But I would dig a bright blue too. And those cushions are must haves, maybe even for my indoor table!! :D

  3. Jamie and Meri! So glad you guys love them as much as I do!!! THanks for stopping in!

  4. oh my gosh! I LOVE your home depot finds! So cheap and totally gorgeous!!! MUST GO GET SOME...


  5. good find on the HD cushions. Which HD? Our near Short Pump or on Broad near horsepen? I need to go looking! :)

  6. Susan I found them at the Virgina Center HD off the Elmont Exit on 95.