Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shopper's High

I'm back from thrifting this morning and on a total shopper's high!  Let me show you what I found that I DIDN'T buy in case any of you want to go buy these things up!

Fun leather(ish) Ottoman

Goodwill Ashland $45

Interesting way to spell Ottoman...and I thought my spelling was bad!

Wouldn't this Tobacco Basket look so neat hanging on a wall.  Great way to add texture to a room!

Class and Trash $45

This dresser is really gorgeous!  My photo is not doing it justice.  It's much darker then the photo is showing. It was dark and I had to use my flash.  If you are totally obsessed with bamboo, like I am, you will LOVE the pulls!

Class and Trash $185

I don't think these will last long AT ALL.  They are plastic (I think!) but look like the very popular lucite that I am seeing all over the blog world. There were two.
Class and Trash $38

Class and Trash $38

I DID end up buying something for myself which I will show you tomorrow.  It was SUCH an amazing deal!!!  Perhaps even better than the highboy deal!  I couldn't pass it up.  I can't wait to get my hands on it and change it up! 

The hubby doesn't yet know about the purchase or the fact that he has to go back and lug it into the car!  Eeeek!  Might have to let him play a round of golf this weekend as bribery!  If your reading this honey...I love you ;)


  1. I'm loving this Class & Trash place...I have yet to go! I'm still dying for that mirror you posted a while back! Did you bring your kiddos with you? Just wondering how you handle that...

  2. YAY!!! Just found out my brother in law went and bought the bamboo dresser! Can't wait to see it in his apt.