Thursday, March 31, 2011

Etching Cream! and I think I might be grounded!?

Have you all heard of etching cream?  Well if you love monogrammed stuff, this is going to be your new best friend!  This is what the bottle looks like and you can get it at any craft store.

I get mine at Michael's and use a 40% off coupon.

Here are some images I found on Pottery Barn's website...very pretty right!  Well the etching cream will give you the same look as the monogrammed items below...but at a fraction of the cost!  And you can find most of these glass items at your local Goodwill, thrift, or even Michael's & Hobby Lobby (use your 40% off coupons!)

I use stickers as a stencil.  You need something sticky to keep the etching cream from running under the stencil.  Ooooo, how cute would it be to monogram the glass in the frame from my lamp base turned table.  I might have to do that!!! 

Anyway!  I was going to give you a step by step photo tutorial next but my blogger account just told me I was in trouble and out of space for pictures...Booooo!  I'm pretty sure they just put me in time-out!

So this will be a bit of a teaser and I will be back with the tutorial just as soon as Google grants me my picture privileges back!  It said possibly 24 hours.  But for now I will be pouting in my room ;)

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  1. LOVE etching cream here! I have been in charge of crafts for two MOPS groups here, and in both we etched the bottoms of glass pie plates, they turned out fabulous! Such a pretty personalized gift (or a way to get your glassware back, if you put your initials on it ;) )

    Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. This past Christmas all my gifts were personalized etch glass and everybody loved them. I actually sell etched things too, I just need to get some up in my shop. I'm thinking of trying my hand at sandblasting soon though! It just sounds a little intimidating.

    Buuuut, can't wait to see what you tried it out on! And what's with google not allowing pictures? They think you're becoming to popular I guess :)

  3. Meri, I LOVE the pie plate idea!!! I hope you don't mind but I may copy you (and give you full credit!!!) and post that whenever Im allowed to put pics up! Im off to Goodwill today and will be on the look out for a pie plate!

    Erin, would love to see your etched stuff! Sandblasting sounds very scary! Let me know how it goes!

  4. Awwww man, way to tease us with the possiblity of seeing your Pottery Barn knock off. Cant wait to see the finished project. :)

  5. Erin, Can't wait to see your tutorial! In case you are interested, I load all of my photos to Flickr and then leverage that link for my blog. (I have a Pro account to load unlimited photos) That way you don't end up in time out :)

  6. Same thing happened to me on my blog! So frustrating! It gave me the option of buying additional storage space through Blogger, but I just set up a Flickr account instead. Eventually I'll go pro, but don't need the space yet.

    Good luck!

    I made a gratitude jar in the fall and wrote 'thanks' on the outside using a frosting spray paint. Had really good results - sure the etching cream works, but I went the easy (read: lazy) route :)

  7. Thanks for the Flickr advice everyone! Should have tried that first! Oh well!

    Kristen...I am going to add your frosting spray idea to my post (ill link to you)! I have used that also for items I dont intend to run through the dishwasher. I think it might come off if I did that. Love your gratitude idea!

  8. I just got my etching cream too! I dont even know what to do yet haha, I think I might etch a button on a glass jar and put my button in it?? Thanks for stopping by my blog!