Friday, March 11, 2011

Creepy Owls Turned Cute!

How creepy are these little guys?  They frighten haunt me in my sleep kind of frightened.  I found them in the dollar bins at Target.  I thought I could do something with them to give them a second where they would make small children cry.



Much better, right!  They almost look ceramic.  And they found a home next to  my newly fabulous lamp. 

Here were my supplies:

Creepy owls
spray paint primer
Rustoleum lacquer spray paint (pictured below)


  1. Love them. I recently did that to a creepy bird I found at the thrift store. Oh what spray paint can do!

  2. I know! Spray paint is my best friend!

  3. So cute. The power of spray paint!

  4. Saw a white nightlight owl in pottery barn kids today and thought of you ;) as usual - nice work!

  5. Its a wonder what spray paint can do. It looks really good. I have seen a few pieces to spray paint, but I think I am just not motivated. lol

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. OMGosh too funny; I just bought three of these same owls and repainted them too! I thought the original ones were gross, so painted mine with green and red spraypaint!

  7. I love your supply list - 'creepy owls' haha :) what an improvement! They look 1000% better!