Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recently Added

I haven't given you all a peek into my Class and Trash booth in a while.  I've added a few things and had some time to make it a little prettier now that the kiddos are in school and I have a little more time.  I hesitate writing posts like this because I never want you all to feel like I'm asking you to buy stuff.  I never want this blog to be about that so hopefully you all don't feel that way!  Just wanted to keep you in the loop of what I'm up to over there!

Just added this pretty lady.  

(Update: She's sold already...thank you whoever you are!!!)

It looks good in the pic  but trust me, it needs a paint job.  
All the hardware is there and it has dovetail
joints which is a good sign.

I love the chairs in the back row, hate the fabric.  I got them at an auction selling stuff from an antique mall where they were priced for $265.  I have them priced at $40 each.  The yellow ones are $30 each.

Lots of blue and white goodies.

Remember my boat I picked up a looooong time ago!

Here it is after a paint job!  It also  has some cute gold detailing on the back you can't see.  Still think it would make such a fun headboard.

Boat- $125

I still have this desk that I just marked down to $100.  I love that thing.  Can't believe it hasn't sold yet!

I can't thank you all enough for your support with this booth.  The Class and Trash folks are always telling me my readers bought this and that.  Makes my day, so THANK YOU!!!  

If you see anything you can't live without give them a call!



  1. Never my dear! I love that you post them so I can spy the goodies that my double wide stroller won't let me see in person!

  2. I need a child just so I can do something with that boat!!!

  3. So many goodies - love the blue cabinet!!

  4. So many great items...once again, wishing we lived loser so I could go snag them! We are doing a Richmond trip late this fall/early winter...would it be weird if I made my husband go to class & trash? =)

  5. I bought the cane bottom chair sitting in front of the boat, love it, reminds me of ones my grandparents had and is now a pair with the one my Dad just refinished! I really wanted the desk, I LOVE it! But just can't figure out where to put it!

  6. Hi there...I was wondering if you still have this desk for sale. I called Class and Trash and she couldn't seem to locate it. I am in love and want to scoop it up if it isn't too late!

    1. Yes! I believe it still is! Thanks so much for the interest. The girl there today is not a regular employee so that makes sense she didn't know. I would try calling back tomorrow and hopefully the regular girl is back. Thanks crissy!!! I will call and give them a heads up too!