Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Are in a MAJOR Fight!

Why has no one told me of this mecca called Tuesday Morning?  
My neighbor friend just told me about it the other day and I was clueless.  
For some reason I thought Tuesday Morning was a Christian bookstore/supply store place.  
Where I got that...I have no idea!

Anyway, it's kind of like a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods.  
Some really cute stuff mixed in with some crappy stuff.

Here's what I was crushing on!

8 X 10 rug $499



Queen Size is $299 
Think they had King too.

Industrial Coffee Table $199



So who knew about this and didn't tell me!?!  
Does anyone know if they do any coupons like Hobby Lobby?
I thought I saw something like a frequent customer card or something hanging in the window.

** Get out of town!  I just went to get a link for you guys and found out...
You can order online too!!! 
I know what I'm doing at naptime today!!!


  1. Oops, thought you knew about them. There was one over by the old Fairfield Inn where we stayed when you all were at Richmond, is it still there? There was a Marshall's or T.J 's there too !

  2. Did you go to the one in Mechanicsville? I find it is hit or miss with them and some of the items they have really are not that great of a deal...Great place to find small gifts for kids at Christmas time though.

  3. I got the most KILLER outdoor rug at TM. Definitely chock-full of treasures (and crap!).

  4. You are soooo behind! Geez :) Looooooooove them. Like a lot. Oh and plus you can go to different ones and they have different stuff!

  5. Haha, OMG this made me laugh! I love Tuesday Morning - great treasures to be found! Well, NOW you know! xoxo

  6. Yikes, even i know about Tuesday AM. Where have you been?

  7. Sorry you have been missing out! I want that queen headboard!! Which one were in? W. Broad Street

  8. Susan, it was the Ashland one. Love that headboard too!!!

  9. Say whhhhaaat?! You didn't know about Tuesday Morning?! Tell me you know about The Christmas Tree shop ;) Both are great when you have a little free time...ha!