Monday, September 24, 2012

Class Finds

I dropped off a few things at Class and Trash this morning.  
Wanted to share some finds I saw on my way out!  

Coolest Chair- $45
This would be such an easy reupholstery job as long as its easy to get the nailhead off, 
swap out the fabric and re-nailhead it up!  Maybe paint it to camouflage the missing pieces on the top.

How fun for a little girls room!

Love me a barrister bookcase, this one is metal.  
I was so in awe I forgot to ask the price!

Call 'em if you want 'em

Hope everyone is surviving this Monday!


  1. My BFF and I were there on Sunday and saw that chair!! It so beautiful...but no where for it to go...

  2. I saw that chair on Sunday and loved it too... I kind of like the broken pieces!

  3. Love your flips in the reflection of the glass.