Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dressed up Dresser

With all this new found time on my hands (thank you school....I missed you so much!!!) I've been able to get a few more projects done.  Picked up this dresser and knew it had a second more fabulous life hiding somewhere in there!



And the After....

Remember how mad I was when I found these pulls that were half the price of the ones I used for my son's Rast hack.  Well you get what you pay for.  His are definitely heavier duty but these are perfectly fine too, just not the exact same.

 $2.69 each 
Van Dyke's

I did not fill the holes from the previous pulls because y'all know I'm super lazy.  Plus it looks cuter with paper in anyway...or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

I jazzed it up a little with blue paper, just to see what it would look like.  I like it but think I'm more partial to the neutral white.

I used a different type of protective coat this time.  Usually I use oil based polyurethane for dark paint and water based for white (oil based turns yellow with time and will show on white paint).  I've been wanting to try wax for a long time and finally found some at Ace Hardware.  I loved it!  I will definitely be using it again. You just rub it on with a rag and your done.  It's more of a matte finish, which I like.

So one more time....Before:


I will be dropping this at Class and Trash soon.
The hardware company shorted me two screws so I'm waiting on those before I do.
Pricing it at $85.

Have a great day everyone!!!

** Side Note**
The fabulous Parks Duffey signed, framed and matted UVA art in the photos is currently for sale in my booth at Class for $95.  I know his signed prints cost $65 without framing or matting and the retail price tag is on the art for $365!!!!  I have a U of R Parks Duffey print that I adore.  Love his stuff!

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  1. What a before and after!! Love the after!

  2. You are sooo classy! I love that painting. Where did you snag that??

  3. it is crazy how good this looks, great do over as always

  4. Love it... and the pulls!! SWEET!!

  5. I love all of your posts! Here's a totally random question: what is the name of the color of that wall behind the dresser?