Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Verve Home Furnishings

Richmonder's, have you all heard of Verve Home Furnishings?  

I've been following Kim on Facebook for a while and loved what she was posting 
so finally bit the bullet and went to her warehouse that's open on Saturdays.  

It is seriously chalk full of fabulously unique vintage and mid-century modern finds.  
Now the prices at Verve are not Goodwill-esque but they are negotiable which I love.  
I basically started drooling the second I walked in til the minute I left.  
Such cool stuff.  

Here's just a sampling.

This was a fun find.  
Not loving the glass detail but you could easily cut a piece of snakeskin fabric to fit right on top of that and it would be GLAM-A-rific!  

Remember I did that with this tray.

I had an internal battle about bringing that bar cart home but I already have one so that would just be silly!  Thought the price was really fair at $60.

I actually picked up these vintage red ski's for my son's room.  Going to hang them on the wall.

I wanted to get the blue ones which were priced at $45 but his walls are blue 
so I thought the red would pop more.

Loved visiting, everyone was super friendly there.  
It's right near Broad and Staples Mill.  
If you're in the area give them a visit!


  1. We are so going!! This place looks amazing. So glad you FB stalk this girl. You know I love a good FB stalker. Loves!

  2. Let's plan a shopping date ladies. I seriously might have to go get that bar cart and sounds like it's right by my most favorite shopping mall of all time, West End Antiques Mall.

  3. Er, Love love love the skis! Going to be so cute! Great finds, but more importantly did anyone get that bamboo bed... I'm not even kidding i've been having dreams about it!

    1. I've been wondering the same thing! Let's see it all done up!

    2. I was just doing my daily Apartment Therapy browsing and there she is...now for $950!


  4. Love Kim and her fab things. I have several things I bought from
    her when we shared spaces at 5807. My favorite items are my turquoise
    Foo Dogs!

  5. Mae- OH MY GOSH!!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!! They must have figured out they had a hot ticket item!!! BOOOOOO!

    1. :'( I think the AT classified lister actually bought the bed from the CL ad first! Quickest turn around ever!

  6. Oh your right because the craigslist ad was from tri cities and the AT one if from midlothian. The poor Tri Cities guy, lost out on $800!!!