Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm stuck at  home today as my car is getting a state inspection so I thought I would share a thrifty Internet secret with you.  It has nothing to do with home decor and everything to do with my other!

Kitchen Quote Poster  A Meal Without Wine is by oflifeandlemons

Wine Quote

My husband discovered this website called "Wines til Sold Out"  a few years ago and we've been hooked ever since. 

wtso is an online store that focuses on selling wine at 30%-70% off original retail prices.  They sell one wine at a time from midnight eastern standard time until it is sold out.  And shipping is free as long as you buy the minimum number of bottles stated on the front page.

Side Note 1:  My FedEx delivery man thinks I'm a total alcoholic.  It's actually really embarrassing, since its wine you have to sign for it so there's no hiding the truth...but totally worth it!!!  

Side Note 2:  I'm thrilled to say I'm being featured over at Knock off Decor!!!  What an honor!!!  Go check Beckie's site out, she showcases the amazing work of some seriously talented designers while giving those with less of a budget a chance to mimic them. 

Cheers everyone!!!


  1. I love all of these!! And we *love* WTSO. We have used it for years! I have everything (including wine club shipments) delivered to my office so there's always someone to sign. They definitely think we're drunks. They'll send me an email saying "MORE wine" or "booze for you, again!"

  2. We are HUGE wine fans in this house. I was LOLing as I read this!!! And, I'm definitely on my way to check out the site! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I'm the wino of my family - so i TOTALLY get this!!! I have to LOL at your wine delivery, the surgeon I work for gets his wine fedex'd to work, and we all take turns signing - I find it hilarious! I just found your blog today - I love finding local blogs... I'm off to stalk your previous posts - haha.

  4. OHH - this is AWESOME!!! Definitely checking out the site....I drink just a little bit of wine :)