Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding Signature Frame Minus the Wedding Signatures

A friend asked me today about the best and thriftiest place to buy frames to display artwork.  She wanted to frame some of her Kindergartner's artwork and the first thing I thought of was Michael's.  More specifically they sell a wedding signature frame that I think would be perfect for this.  I'm sure you've seen these at weddings, where you sign the matte instead of a guest book.

The frame is not wood but plastic so its not super high quality but I LOVE that the matte comes with the frame because those can really add to the cost of framing if you need to buy one per frame.  There is something about a matte that really makes kids artwork go from messy to masterpiece!

Plus if they are on sale (when aren't the frames on sale there!?!?!) or you use a 40% off coupon or hit on a day where your entire purchase is 20% off then you can get out of there without spending very much. 


I've used these frames in my own home with some Etsy art from her! 
 I can't remember the exact price I paid for the frames but somewhere around $10 each I think with some sort of coupon or sale.

My blog buddy Carmel over at Our Fifth House took it a step farther and added some fun fabric and a larger ornate frame behind her son's artwork.  Isn't that gorgeous!

Have you all every used these wedding guest book frames?  

Anyone have any other affordable frame options for kids artwork?

Anyone else feel horrible guilt when they trash most of the "artwork" their children bring home from school...usually once they are asleep and can't see the trashing in action.

Anyone else's "artist" find said artwork in trash and call you out on trashing it... 
making you feel even more guilty!?!?


  1. I get all of my frames from Ikea. They come with the matte and huge frames are from 10-20 bucks. Looks expensive and it was NOT!

  2. I love the idea from Jan Eleni ( in her collage category. Her prices are outrageous, but I think it's possible to create something like this at home by scanning in kids artwork or taking digitals and using Shutterfly to create a collage. You could use a white collage background and frame the collage just as if it were created using her shrink art system.