Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goodwill Coupon-OOPS!

So the crumby weather must be messing with my head because Alison from just emailed me and in the sweetest possible way told me I'm losing it ;)  Actually she didn't say that, she just kindly let me know that this was from LAST YEAR!!!  No wonder the woman at the register seemed like she had never seen it!!!  I guess neither of us read the fine print.  I will have to make a bigger donation next time I go there to repay them their 20%.  Sorry if I got anyone's thrifty hopes up!  I imagine one will be coming soon though because this came out during Valentine's Day last year.  I'll be sure to post it when it's legit.

As I was checking out at Goodwill today I overhead the cashier ask the girl in front of me if she had any coupons.  So I frantically got my iPhone out and googled "Goodwill Coupons Richmond" and my friend over at had a link to a coupon!  Thanks Alison! 

Click here to get your coupon...its 20% off $20 or more and goes through 2/28.  And if you don't live in Richmond try googling Goodwill coupon and your city. 

I just realized I might be the biggest loser in the world.  No one should be this excited about a Goodwill coupon.  I think I need help. 


  1. You are not a loser! I think this post just made my day-- now THAT might mean I'm a loser lol

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  2. Thanks for linking to me Erin! This coupon was from last year - My blog format does a poor job of showing years, I'm afraid. When there aren't coupons out, I use the 20% discount cards I get for dropping off 4 donations to Goodwill!

  3. Wow, I just learned so much. I didn't even know Goodwill HAD coupons and...I donate all. the. time. Should I be asking for coupons, that seems weird. They've never offered.

    I found your blog through my sister who lives in Richmond and is getting enthused about her new house to decorate. :-) Wish I were closer and could help her more!

  4. See. I was at Goodwill in a different town and the cashier asked if I had a coupon. I wasn't sure what he meant but apparently they were emailed out to people who had a card. I have a card (5% off $20 purchase) but I guess I never gave them my email address. Whatever. I need to stop shopping anyway. Either that or open my own shop and call it Goodwillyoupleasetakethisstuffawaybeforemyhusbandleavesme.

  5. Hi...just moved to the Richmond area this happy to have stumbled onto your site. Desperately looking for my junking fix. Might have just found my answer. Yay!