Thursday, January 19, 2012

Military Trunk turned Coffee Table

Do you all remember the military trunk I bought a while back at Class and Trash.  Well since I'm being really lazy in the middle of a few projects and don't have a current before and after I remembered I don't think I ever showed you all what I ended up doing with this.

Here is the military gun box the day I bought it...

This is how it looked after cleaning it with some white vinegar...

I love that it says "Automatic Gun" on it.  Closest thing I'll ever get to one!

I finished it off with some Tung Oil a reader recommended. 

Minwax 67500 Tung Oil Finish_Speedy Delivery_866-275-7383
This is what it is supposed to do: 
Penetrates deep into wood pores. Restores richness and vitality. Provides durable hand rubbed luster.  It gave it a nice finish and I was very happy I tried it out!

I added some casters I got at home depot for about $5 each.  They have locks on them so if you want to put your feet up it wouldn't roll away!

I'm happy to say it sold recently at my Through the Garden Gate space.  Thank you to whoever bought it :) 

I'm putting the finishing touches on my old boat I bought a million years ago so hope to have that on here soon!  Hope everyone is having a great day!

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  1. Love it! Were there any automatic guns in it when you bought it?