Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Technical Difficulities

I'm dying to share my dresser makeover with  you all but am having major technical difficulties.  I can't get a good picture to save my life!!!  I even fiddled on http://www.picnik.com/ for a while today...45 minutes of my life I'll never get back  Could have been catching up on what Kim and Kourtney are up to in New York in that time!!!!

I don't know if its the cloudy day we had today or the ridiculously bright lights in the hideous ceiling fan we have.  Anyway, this is the best I could get so that's all for now.  I will try to get a decent one tomorrow.  If you saw the rest that I took today, you would swear my 2 year old was manning the camera.  Pitiful! 


  1. I had the same problem today-- it was so overcast and dark here that I never had enough natural light. It was quite pathetic! There's always tomorrow, though, right!?

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  2. Looks beautiful to me. Love the color and the handles are gorgeous!

  3. Yes, it's so beautiful. What is the color?

  4. Umm..ummm.ummm.ummm paint color please?!?!! I am absolutely obsessed. The look amazing.

  5. Having seen the dresser up close over Thanksgiving, it is drop dead gorgeous!!!! Erin, you did a fantastic job, it looks perfect from the paint color to the handles. Love it!!!!!

  6. I love it!....I might be so inspired to paint my copycat version this weekend. We'll see :)
    I am leaning towards a coral color but I doubt they have it in spray paint. Was it that bad to use the roller?