Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bamboo Dresser Reveal!

So I never really got to the bottom of the photo problem.  I'm still not in love with how these pictures came out but I'm tired of trying for perfect!  I'm thinking it might have something to do with the gloss finish and reflections and shadows making it look blurry and BLAH-ZAY!  But......

Remember my before (the one on the right):

Love of Jesus Thrift: $55

And here is the after photo I wish was a little crisper!!

Pardon the un-staged dresser top!  Just threw my jewelry mess holder and some books up there!  Not sure what I'm going to put there yet!  And the cable box...UGH!  Not cute...but keepin' it real people!

I used this spray paint that I got from Home Depot:
Rust-Oleum 248631 12 oz Stops Rust Protectie Enamel Spray Paint, Night Tide Gloss (6 Pack)
Color: Night Tide

I LOVE this spray paint!  The finish looks very professional.  I've  never used this version of Rustoleum.  Usually get their 2X cover which I also love but this one is glorious!!!  Goes on easily and leaves a lovely finish.  And I take zero credit for this find.  Remember I copycatted Kates gorgeous nightstand over at Centsational Girl.  She gives an amazing tutorial over there so check it out!

I am THE WORST at spray painting table tops though so I had the guys at Home Depot color match the spray paint so I could roll the sides and the top of the dresser and spray the drawers and dresser "shell."  I am happy with the match.  It's not the exact finish but its close enough and I avoided that weird spray paint look you get on large surfaces.

I also used this for the handles:

In the color: Gold Leaf
Purchased at Michaels

And of course I primed with my fav Zinsser OIL BASED primer (both spray and roll to keep things movin!)
Our TV hangs above the dresser, which I'm not a huge fan of.  I'm hoping to do something like this to make it blend in a little more! 

Mrs. Limestone gives a fabulous tutorial on her blog!

That's all for now!  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. OOOOH I love love love the finished product Erin! Fabulous! As you know, I'm looking for a color for our big dresser. Now with chocolate curtains, I don't know that I can go gray. That's a gorgeous option! I'm sure you are loving your new bedroom!

  2. Really? I can never get spray paint to do that. NEVER.

    Looks great.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. It looks fantastic! I love the color and the handles are great. Good job!

  4. oh it looks amazing!!!!! the color is GLORIOUS! :)

  5. Eeeee!!! I love this dresser! And, the color is amazing :D

  6. I love this colour and can't believe the price you got that dresser for. I'm dying to find something fun like this for my next project :)

  7. wow - staged or not, this is gorgeous! I'm on the look out for something so I can copy!

  8. Wow, what a stunner! Yes, you knooooow I love that Night Tide, it is a gorgeous color, and those gold pulls are divine! Thank you so much for sharing your transformation and the linky love!

  9. I think I just died and went to heaven! Love the Nite Tide with the gold hardware! Great job

  10. Great transformation! It looks so good! Love the combo of the blue and gold!!

  11. Love that color and piece. Beautiful!

    Thanks for the link back too :)

  12. Looks awesome. Love the color! I am a horrible spray painter, but you make it look easy!!

  13. GORGEOUS! That color is absolutely divine.

  14. Stunning color choice for the bamboo dresser! Bravo on your bold taste! :) Thanks for sharing with all of us :D

    Visiting from MMS linky party,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois at WHYCUZICAN

  15. My oh goodness I love this piece! Great transformation.

  16. It is gorgeous! Love the color. As for the cable box, can it fit in one of the drawers. If so, maybe you can retrofit it with a drop down hinge and drill an hole in the back of the drawer to accommodate the wires. I have the same cable box issues and unfortunately it is slightly bigger than the storage compartment of my media cabinet so it sits on top like yours.

  17. This is marvelous! You have given me an idea to fix the weird little bamboo table that is hiding behind the recliner. Thanks for sharing!

  18. This dresser looks fabulous. A thousand times better than the original. Our tv is above our mantle. Not exactly the mantle decor I had in mind but what's a girl to do. Love that you're keeping real.


  19. Love the color! It looks great! I'd love for you to link up to my Feature Friday Linky Party

  20. I JUST saw this yesterday, and seeing your cable box reminded me. It's an adapter that you can use so you can put your cable box away and still use it without having it in sight. Awesome, and only $13!! (love the color, btw, i painted my desk a very similar color earlier this year).

  21. white's are still kicking it with basic cable?? what the hell? time to step up and get some ashamed to know you two right now.

  22. Such a beautiful color! You did such an amazing job!

  23. OMG! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it love it love it!!!! Your blog is great! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects!

  24. Wow, I have the same exact Bamboo dresser! At first i thought about throwing it out and buying a new dresser, but then i thought why not give it a fresh paint and see how that works out. I painted mine white two years ago and it looks perfect! I love it!