Monday, November 28, 2011

Sponsor Shout Out- Scentsy

A little behind on my usual Friday Sponsor Shout Out with the holiday craziness and all.  I just ordered a couple plug in warmers for teacher gifts from Whitney at Scentsy.  I got these adorable zebra ones


and the one I have called Wonky.


They make so much more than these plug in's these warmers too



And this is a picture of how the fragrance comes.  They come in a brick or bar that you break off and place in/on your warmer.

 Such fun!  Hope you think about these when giving gifts this year!  It really is that perfect go to $20ish dollar gift.  Or grab one for yourself and fill your house with the scents of the season!!! 

Contact Whitney here with any questions.  Shop her Scentsy site right here!

Oh!  And Happy Cyber Monday!  I've been online bargain shopping all day!  How about you all?!?!

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