Thursday, February 3, 2011

My secretary can handle that for you!

Okay, so I saw this when I was thrifting with children...not recommended!  Class and Trash is definately NOT stroller friendly or toddler friendly for that matter!  But I am almost 100% positive this treasure was only $38!!!! Can  you believe that!  Now it is missing at least one drawer pull but it would be so fun to replace those with more updated ones anyway.  So in fact they did you a favor by removing one for you! 
How fabulous would this look painted white and the inside painted navy, or maybe a fun green!  Kind of like this:

Someone please go buy this!!!  And feel free to eat the animal crackers my daughter left during our travels! 

Thrifty secretary info:

Location:  Class and Trash 798-0657
Price:  $38 (this store does negotiate but this price is crazy cheap already!)

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