Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let the Thrifting begin!

I visited two of my favorite spots today and heres what I found!

A very PotteryBarnish craft table (I think)
Location:  Consignment Connection 261-3600
Price:  $60 (firm)

A gorgeous marble top side table.  How cute would this look next to a small scale chair!  And look how something VERY similar was featured on 
Just spray paint the bottom of this one and it will give it a whole new life!!!  A little gorilla glue may also be in order to secure it to the base...but think of how easy it will be to spray paint without having to avoid spraying the marble!  And for $28 bucks I almost had to take it home myself!

Location:  Consignment Connection 261-3600
Price $28 (firm) 

And look at these little lovlies!!!  Would love to see someone do something like this 

Location:  Class and Trash 798-0567
Nightstand:  $38 (negotiable)
Dresser: $85 (negotiable)


  1. What a FAB idea Erin! So glad you finally started a blog... it was in your future for sure! Love your finds - and am pretty sure I'll be begging you to help me paint one of them one day!

  2. love the desk and the dresser/side table... wonder if i could fit it in the explorer when i get the secretary... or maybe i should just try to find some thrift stores in PA and stop buying furn in Richmond!

    looooving the blog!