Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well hello Gigantic cleanish looking Goodwill...

Since starting this blog I have been frequenting many more thrifty places than usual (read:  Im using this as an excuse to get out of my house and away from the craziness that 2 little ones involves!)  So I went sans kiddos to the Mechanicsville Goodwill while Alex took Charlie and Emerson to the gym.

I leave my house and 10 minutes later I arrive here...a DIYers paradise!
I was so giddy to get inside (without my kids!) you would have thought I was entering Bergdorf Goodman or somewhere equally as fancy!

Goodwill is just ridiculous!  I see this when I get inside:

The color of the week- green- is all 50% off!  So basically if it has a green tag its free! Here is the craziness I found inside:

Now, its not perfect but its $50!!!!!  It had a yellow tag so not 50% off but just wait til next week when its yellow will be $25!!!!  I found this VERY close match online for a whopping $3200 (and that is the sale price!)  I think ours just needs a little "wetvac"ing and it will be good as new!  Someone go buy this!  Or maybe wait til its YELLOW week!
Mechanicsville Goodwill 417-6700


  1. I think I need to tag along for a field trip! You are on a roll! Richmond designers could use you as their sidekick - luxury for less! Think it's time to spread the word...

  2. Goodwill makes me all twitterpated too!