Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big Lots-Big Surprises!

I have been totally in the dark about this place called Big Lots.  Who knew about this and didn't tell me!  It has some fabulous stuff!  For pretty fabulous prices.  Now they are not thrift store prices but sometimes you just want something new and shiny that you don't have to fix up!  Here is an ottoman that I think I might need to bring home with me one day soon!  I saw this at the Big Lots in the Brook Road shopping center

BUT over the weekend look what I found at a Midlothian Big Lots:

The same exact one with my favorite color tag on it!!!!  $135.99 instead of $169.99. 

While at the Midlothian Big Lots I also spotted this with another clearance tag!

Big Lots- $139

And I am loving this lamp

Big Lots- $60

Doesn't it look a whole lot like this one from West Elm:

West Elm- $149 + shipping!

And look what Emily Clark found at Big Lots a while back:

They were on clearance for $14 each!!!  Can you believe that deal.  Here is a similar one for much much more!

Overstock $89.99 ( and that's an Overstock price so you know its pretty low!)

I actually have these in white (from Overstock) in my family room as side tables.  Love em'

Everyone hurry up and go to Big Lots and get something fabulous for less!!!


  1. Great post! Big Lots is one of my favorite spots. Wish I made it there more often. . .

  2. Emily- Its funny my sister (who lives in NY city) emailed me your post when you first wrote it and told me A. I need to follow your blog and B. I need to go to Big Lots and find her the garden stools. I am just now getting around to going to big lots and wish I had gone when she told me to!(I did join your blog the day of the post though!)

  3. Erin, I am totally loving your blog. I'm inspired and O am going to have to start thrifting in Chicago.

  4. I love Big Lots! I can't believe they still have garden stools I snagged some white ones this past summer...I was a little obsessed. I bought 3 and gave one away!