Monday, February 14, 2011

Candlewick Glass- My new obsession

I've always wanted to be a collector. I want to hand something down to my children that has meaning to our family.  And when you collect things its kind of like having a permanent wedding registry.  More of a "life registry."  When the holidays come around and a family member can't think of something to get you they can always go to the "registry"  instead of getting the funky sweater they would ordinarily buy! I think I've finally found my "thing!"  While visiting the Midlothian Antiques Center I spotted this beautiful glass cup and saucer.  It reminded me of Mariposa .  Here is the cup and saucer I found:

I love the pearls around the rim of the saucer and arm of the cup.  They are so pretty and dainty!  And I figure if I am going to collect something it has to be fairly affordable (but look expensive ;).  This cup and saucer cost $9 but everything in the booth was 30% off, it it came to $6.30 not too bad!

I did some research online and found some more info on this glass:

Candlewick was made by Imperial Glass.   It was made from 1936 to 1984 and was done in crystal, blue, pink, yellow, black, red, cobalt blue, green and caramel.  They made both plain and etched glass.

And here are some more pieces I hope to one day add to my collection

Aren't the salt and pepper shakers just the cutest!  I think this company was way ahead of its time!  This doesn't look 80's at all to me!
Anyone else ever heard of Candlewick?
What are you all collecting these days?


  1. my mom has a platter like that! beautiful! and love the pearls too, as well as mariposa. just saw you have a etsy shop - you've been busy!!!

  2. love that stuff! And you're right it completely chic and does NOT look like the 70's at all! Good finds!

  3. So glad you guys like it! I think its so pretty! Cant wait to start collecting!

  4. I use to collect candlewick and have a bunch in my basement. I don't think they ever go out of style...they have such cute simple lines. To bad we don't live closer we love doing the same things and would have fun thrifting together :) Seriously, I started collecting when I was about your age...I think I'm old enough to be your mom :) hhehe

  5. Rene'- I totally agree...seems like a timeless item! Thanks for stopping by and I love love love your blog. Your sweater pillows are SO GORGEOUS!

  6. Muito lindos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beijos

  7. One of my dear friends collects Candlewick too so I am always looking for pieces for her "life registry". There are a bunch of booths at the West End Antiques Mall that have Candlewick. There is one in particular that has Candlewick for really reasonable prices. It is in the great room of building #2 down the aisle that leads from building #1 to building #2. I'm sure the staff there could tell you where it is. I think I remember nothing over 20 bucks or there about.

    I collect Royal Ruby & Forest Green glass (which I use at the holidays) and I also have Manhattan, Caprice and Iris & Herringbone. I adore collecting glass! I too hope to pass it down, but in the meantime, I love the thrill of the hunt!