Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love of Jesus Thrift take II

Remember when I found this treasure at Love of Jesus Thrift...

Well I'm still dreaming about it!  So today I decided to check and see if it was still there.  I should not have been surprised but it was LONG GONE!!!  So fess up!  Which one of you brought this home and when are you going to invite me over to see it!

All was not lost though.  I did find some other things to share with you!

 I thought this table was really neat.  I'm not usually drawn to modern furniture but I think it's fun to mix in with other more traditional pieces.  I love the idea that you can put things under the glass to showcase.  Maybe pretty stacked hardback books that match your color scheme.  What about this for the wine lover (me!!! me!!!)

I also found this right as I was about to leave!  I'm thinking its a King headboard. 

I found (what I think is the) EXACT same bed online:

The one I found was only $55!!! Can't beat that price! 

Location:  Love of Jesus Thrift- 230-4144 


  1. I love that I stumbled onto your blog. I am addicted! My sister and I are going out thrifting this weekend. Do you happen to have a list complied of places???

  2. Hi Deb! Im so glad you stumbled onto my blog too!!! I'm going to write a post for tomorrow about all the place I shop...hopefully that will help! I hope you and your sister have fun and find some great stuff! Please send pics if you do! Thanks for visiting! and commenting ;)