Monday, September 3, 2012

Couch Slippin'

I've been wanting to break up with the red couch in our family room for a looooooong time now. 
I liked to refer to him as "The Napkin."  He's narsty!  Embarrassing, really.
Years of baby puke, food spills and Lord knows what else.

Here's the best before picture I could find.  
I tried NOT to document it's existence so this is the best "before" you're gonna get!
My son could not even bear to show his face...its that bad people.

I knew I wanted to get a slipcover made and I DESPERATELY wanted to give the whole prison reupholstery a try, but it really was going to be a big pain in my rear.  For smaller projects I think its perfect, however, this couch is in our main living area and having it "incarcerated" for a few weeks/months really wasn't going to work well for us.

So I called my two favorite fabric stores in town (UFab and Williams and Sherrill)
 and they both recommended Bob McRae to make the slipcover.  

He was THE nicest guy!!!
He came to the house and cut the fabric here then took it to his shop and whipped this up!

It seriously looks like a completely different couch.  The two pillows closest to the middle are off Etsy and the chevron are from Marshalls.  I would HIGHLY recommend Bob if you have a couch that is in good shape just funktified by your children or husband.  I love that we didn't have to deal with getting rid of a couch to make room for a new one.

I may be kicking myself for getting white but my hope is that when 
the rug rats get it dirty 
                                           I can throw it in the wash with some bleach and it will 
                                                               come out good as new.  

I wish I could say it was thrifty but upholstery jobs never are (unless your having thieves and mass murderers doing it!).  It was $450 for the labor + cost of fabric.  In the end, I think it was cheaper than getting a new one and since I'm a bit of a hoarder I like knowing that it's still the first couch my husband and I owned after we got married and the couch where my babies lay sleeping on us in their first months of life.
(sorry for the sappy memories, my first baby is going to Kindergarten tomorrow, I'm slightly emotional!)

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!



  1. Am making note of Bob McRae. Will be calling him as soon as I can fiddle with my budget :)

  2. I've been considering doing this on my own but don't know what kind of fabric to use. What did you buy? I've thought about going with a grey duck but have no idea how that launders.

  3. It looks awesome. I totally want a white slipcover to throw in the wash with bleach!

  4. Let's hear more about your fabric choice and how you made it!! I am in DESPERATE need of couch is red and patterned and I still love it, but it is RAT-TAY! Our oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow too...sniff sniff!! Good luck! We should grab bloody marys tomorrow morning!

  5. It looks great! I'll have to keep him in mind if I need a slipcover in the future!

  6. I love this!!! Go bob!! Prices good???

  7. I just made the switch this weekend from beige to a white slipcover and I am loving it too. I love your pillows! I sent my first to kindergarten last week- brutal :(

  8. You can't beat a white slipcover for a gorgeous makeover! Such a gorgeous impovement xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  9. Great transformation Erin!! Thanks so much for sharing your Bob's info - I will definitely be adding him to my rolodex :)

    In case any of your readers are interested, here is an inexpensive fabric I have used for a slipcover:

  10. Looks amazing! $450 for reupholstery for a couch is really a good deal. Love my kitchen roman shade fabric there. AND Williams & Sherrill, used to work there! Too funny. The artwork is really set off now and the wall color really pulls it all together. Love it Erin!

  11. are you SERIOUS?!?!?! $450 for a WHOLE SOFA?!?! Our workroom is charging me $600 for a settee! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I'd drive to the RIC from NOVA for that. Can I email you for his contact info?

  12. Is he still in business? Do you have a phone or email which he can be contact by?