Saturday, September 1, 2012

Class Finds

I stopped by Class and Trash this morning to drop off a view things and wanted to share some other finds while I was perusing downstairs.


First up...who doesn't love a cubby shelf?  If you don't, then we can't be friends anymore, sorry.  

For a playroom or boys room I think this color works but...I'm not hot on the color for an adult space...nothing a little paint couldn't fix.

Class and Trash $68

The Class version is more of a floor piece then a wall mount (although I'm sure that would be possible with the right supports) but I envision something along these lines.  Putting cute labels on each space.  Filling it with a collected look.  

Pottery Barn

Next up was this great drawer thingy.  

Class and Trash $20

Its on wheels and I immediately thought low coffee table but then...under bed storage!!!
And for a much better price than this one!


Or how about for the kids toys and books!  Perfection!

Last up...

Class and Trash $18

I think some paint or maybe some Citristrip 
(which I just used and loved for my card catalog (still in process) redo) 
and dark stain would turn it from drab to fab.  

Maybe in an entry hall like this....

Or how about this gorgeous redo from My Old Country House featured on Remodeloholic.

Click on the link above to see a full tutorial!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. If your kids are like mine...SOMEONE is going to get pushed around in that bin on wheels..It's hours (ok, maybe minutes) of fun in the making! Have fun!