Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Finds and a Teaser

I have some Class and Trash finds to share from my visit there yesterday.  

This caught my eye, love the shape, think it could be a cool accent chair with a fun pillow.  
Maybe spray painted a funky color for a kids room.

Class and Trash $28

It's the twin to the one young house love just picked up a while back (but for less moola)
I think they are spraying there's and making some pillow contraption for it.  

Ummmmm, this was $48.  Crazy right.  
It's kind of a weird splotchy gold color now but a quick paint job and it could be perfection.

And I'm going to leave you with a teaser.  Something I picked up from them on Friday.  I was literally camping out, Justin Bieber Concert style,  after I saw it on their facebook page the night before.

More deets to come :)

Happy Monday (if that's possible) Everyone!!!


  1. That highboy/cabinet thing is to die for!! Wish I had space because I would make it mine, mine, mine.

  2. I think my parents had that chair in our basement in the 70's. Great find.

  3. Love that cabinet! And the chair - what a great deal! I need to find a great thrift store like that in my area - most of them are more expensive antique shops!

  4. You seriously are lucky to have such a great store with awesome deals! That chair is adorable and would be fun painted a torquoise color. Loving the cabinet also wow what a deal! Did you end up taking that home with you? Can't wait to see what you camped out for!


  5. Just as an FYI, that chair is called a "Papasan" chair and they were all the rage in the '70s, complete with round cushions that fit into them! All the families in the service (army, navy, air force, etc.) who traveled overseas had them! We thought they were so cool!! (Showing my age, I know, but don't care!) The cushions obviously didn't make the long haul -- plus they were probably orange, yellow and lime flowered fabric -- but the frames were very sturdy.