Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ahhhh, SO much better!!!

So you all remember my crazy wacky pink mirror I could not stand.  
Well with a quick couple more coats of paint, I can stand to look at it again and kinda like it!

Here's the Before Before....

And here's the Before but after the pinkish purple disaster...

And here's the final AFTER...

Neutral but still a little glammy with the gold hardware details. 
 I wanted to style it but this thing is massive and it's Sunday and I'm feeling super lazy!  
So use your imagination :)

Hope you like!  And I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


  1. I love it! Much better than the before (and the after/before, lol)

  2. So much better! Unrelated question... Can you give me an idea of where to look or where I might find chairs like in the reflection in the mirror? Thanks!

  3. I know I made a case for how the "disaster" version could be saved but I so love this version ... trusting your gut was a great choice and this is a beautiful save / re-do. I also love the chairs and just about everything else reflected in the mirror. Happy Sunday, Robin

  4. Love it! I am always so impressed with your redos.

  5. Thanks everyone! And those chairs I found on craigslist and spray painted them...they are a hot number to find though! Took me a while to track some down!

  6. Love it! I was excited to see the pink, but maybe it just wasn't the right shade? LOVE the grey! I gathered some inspiration from you to get started on some blogging was too much work and getting too wordy and it doesn't have to be! Just the (project) facts! So I got to work on a high chair! Thanks!

  7. Love it! And the hardware adds such a nice touch!