Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Ya'll

So it's Spring Break around these parts and we started out our week with quite a bang!  I went to catch up on the massive amount of laundry I'd been avoiding to find my washer was apparently also on vacation and refused to function properly.   We were in desperate need of some grocery essentials, mainly milk, and since I couldn't do laundry I thought a trip to the grocery with the kids was the next most productive move.  Well, my car wouldn't start.  My littlest hellion  Someone, who I occasionally let play in the car (don't call child services on me, please) left a light on and killed the battery.

So by the time Daddy got home I was ready to bust the joint!!! I come for some retail therapy.  Someone must have been looking out for me because I hit it pretty big at the Goodwill.  My favorite find was this card catalog drawer.

The price was so right at $5.25

It's amazing how someone else's junk can totally turn your day around!  


  1. That drawer would certainly make my day!

  2. Goodwill always gives my day a lift! Sorry about all the bad stuff. Hope the rest of your break will be better!