Thursday, April 12, 2012

Darya's Digs- Kitchen Addition

My lovely friend Darya had me over the other day for some design advice for a few rooms in her (already cute) house!  Again...have no clue what I'm doing...baffled these people trust me to give advice!  So, I'm first looking to you guys for some ideas for her because I'm sure yours are way better than mine!  

I'm starting with her kitchen.  

I think it's fabulous and so close to being a kick ace kitchen!  She wants some storage on the wall they just put up (had to leave it...load bearing) where she has the table and mirror right now.  Also color scheme ideas.  She also wants to get rid of the kitchen table they have and replace it with something different.  And window treatment ideas.

So what do you all think.  Any opinions?  
Don't you love her glass door cabinets and butcher block island!    

She's excited to hear your thoughts so....don't be shy!!!


  1. OK, so my first thought is... paint on that wall with the mirror. I know, I know, I'm genius. Seriously, I think a large baker's rack of some kind would be great there. I think she should get a round table for that spot. Plus, I love her glass fronted cabinets, but she needs to make them pop. Maybe paint the insides a bright color for some pop... aqua, robins egg or even a pale coral?

  2. Agree with Maury...

    Wall with Mirror - choose a bold color for an accent wall - maybe even some great wallpaper for a touch of print - since it is a small area you can get some of the more expensive stuff that has an awesome print...if you go the wallpaper route pull a color from the wallpaper for the rest of the room. There isn't a whole lot of wall space other than that one wall so you can get away with something a little bolder than a basic neutral.

    I would replace the table with a buffet with closed storage along that wall (some awesome finds at places like Salvation Army - they are usually that blah brown color...but some sandpaper and paint - bam - I managed to score an awesome one for about $40 at the one on Mech. turnpike (open them up you might be amazed at what you find inside - mine has three drawers on one side and divided shelves on the other side)- if she doesn't want to go bold wall color or wallpaper on that wall (or maybe even a stencil? Seen rooms where they use the same color in a semi gloss for the stencil part so you have a pattern but it is subtle) you can easily paint a cabinet or buffet a nice bold color for a pop. With a Buffet she would have storage and above she can do an awesome piece of artwork or a collage of family photos

    Round table - definately....with the bay the rectangle looks to off kilter. I would actually go with some sort of round glass table to give the illusion of a larger space.

    As far as window treatments - I would say you need to figure out what you are doing with that one wall since it is the largest space in the kitchen...if you go the color route I would find a nice printed fabric - if you go with a printed wallpaper or a stencil then you wouldn't want to go as bold for window treatments.

  3. cabinets look great! But pots & pans are distracting, how about a cool light fixture instead? Need more design help? Visit eyes2revise on facebook. :)

  4. One tiny "I wish I..." - as much as I love the pattern on my valances in my kitchen, I wish I had floor length curtains now! Just having come from Ufab, I could dream up at least a dozen patterns to no-sew DIY to update my kitchen... and she can too! :)