Monday, January 30, 2012

Master Update

I thinks its kind of funny when people ask me advice about decorating a room because I really have no business doing it!  I have no training and really just know how to paint furniture...but my friend Kristin asked for some ideas on her master so I thought I would blog about it and get some of your thoughts as well!

Here is her BEFORE:

She is going to paint the dressers white, she thinks.  I kind of like the look of the nightstands and not having everything matchy matchy so I suggested maybe leaving those as is.

She has a ceiling fan that she is going to take down and I think a chandy would look great there instead to dress it up a bit.  Maybe something like this capiz one from World Market
Capiz Hanging Pendant | World Market

 I recommended maybe adding another curtain to each window.  I feel like it would soften everything a bit.  Maybe add a grosgrain ribbon trim to them too if you want to get flashy ;)

Maybe put a fun mirror over top of the tall dresser to fill the space.

 This is her pretty new bedding!

She wants to change the paint color to a lighter, brighter, blue/gray color.  She also wants to keep the curtains and the bed skirt in the brown.  So here are a few inspirational ideas. 

I LOVE this one!  Love the wall color, the look of the frames above the bed, the splash of color with the coral pillow and the throw at the bottom of the bed.
Headboard Art

Like the look of the black furniture too, another option. And love the frames over the dresser (but not with frames over the bed too!  Pick one or the other.)
If not a good starburst mirror over the bed...
So what about you all...any ideas for Miss Kristin on her Master.  Let's hear 'em!


  1. something unique above the bed- bigger in scale for sure !!!

    I would tone down the paint colour, maybe robins egg blue, for sure paint the dresser...

    I agree about the curtains- more and a more modern colour perhaps....

    and I do like the idea of a chandelier... but I always struggle with which type in a bedroom.

    would she go all out and extend her bed into a canopy style.. could probably be done easily, would be romantic....

    AND yes, I am canadian (colour not color) :)

    it looks like a lovely space.. i might also add some funky big bed side lights

  2. I agree with Tracy above - the thing that popped into my mind straight away was scale. Something bigger for over the bed and above the sideboard. I think your first inspiration picture of six frames shows this perfectly.

    What I also love about that first picture is the pop of colour added. So maybe your friend could consider what else she could add via pillows or art to the blue / white / brown pallet.

    Hope you'll share the 'afters'

  3. I think adding an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed might break up the metal in the head and foot-boards. I actually have that headboard too, in my guest room, and have never really known what to put on the wall above. I used to have 3 round mirrors above, but now the space is empty.

    Throw pillows on the bed in different textures would add something nice.

  4. You have such wonderful ideas, I love the black and white photographs and you know me, I love a good mirror focal point above a bed! Thanks for the shout out, can't wait to see the results!

  5. I also love the wall color in the first inspiration picture, Do you know what color it is? It would look great in her room, mine too!