Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Bathroom Wall

I know I said I would be back with fun big girl room ideas today but I couldn't help myself...HAD to show you this!

Can you stand the cuteness?!?  So originally I was going to keep them for our master bathroom.  Hello beauties, goodbye builder grade boring...BUT the stupid builders hung some equally hideous lights above our mirror that hang too low!  These pretty little ladies just won't fit so they must go to someonelse's home.  I dropped them at my Class and Trash booth priced at $40 each.

They are reading black in this photo but they are really more brown with gold flecks.  Not my personal fave but a quick spray paint would be a cinch!  The backs unscrew so it would be super easy.  Here are some VERY inspirational photos.  Seeing these brings a tear to my eye as I realllllly want them in my bathroom!

bathrooms - light blue walls white bathroom cabinet glossy white pedestal sink white washed arched mirror tripod tray table  southernexposure1.squarespace.com

And look what else I found...a VERY similar one at PB with a VERY different price tag!

Pottery Barn - $249

P.S.  If you live in Richmond and are interested in snagging my mirrors, Class and Trash takes phone orders!  Here's their number.


  1. LOVE!!!! Wishing I lived near you right now :(

  2. Those are soooo pretty. Love the shape and what a deal!

  3. What stunning mirrors! And what a huge bummer that you can't keep these for yourself :(

  4. Man, wishing I lived close to you right now!