Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Girl Room-DIY ideas

So...back to my friends big girl room dilemma!  I thought I would find some DIY decorating ideas for her (and me, since Emerson will be moving into a big girl room in the blink of an eye!)

So here is my friend Lainey's little girls nursery. 

And her PB kids quilt for the big girl room.

She wanted any tips for what do do about the border.  Besides taking it down and probably having to repaint the room (which I'm guessing you don't want to do!) I found a possible resolution, it's kind of out there though. 

Those shelves are actually gutters, like the ones that catch rain and leaves.


Or something like this with frames instead of books resting on a wide molding that would cover the border.

You already have the round table (and I know you've made a tutu before!) cute is this!!!
 Tutu Table Topper

LOVE this gallery wall of children's artwork.  Walmart sells uber inexpensive frames so you could definitely do this on a budget.

Love the idea of transforming an old wardrobe into "Dress Up Headquarters"
Hang this Pottery Barn knock off over the bed...too cute!

This (and the butterfly chandelier above) is made from one of those paper punches, so easy and so fab!

So, there you have it...some thrifty but still super cute big girl room ideas. 

Chime in with more ideas everyone!  Would love to hear them! 


  1. Love all the ideas. Cute and thrifty. Your friends must love you!

  2. Great ideas! I LOVE the bead board and wide moulding idea. That would help offset the blue carpet, too. I just love that whole purple room. Also love the gallery wall. And I absolutely want to do the dress up center. Keep a look out for a good chest of drawers for me! I like the tutu nightstand, and am tempted. I might keep an eye out for something with good storage, though, since the changing table's gone. THANKS!!

  3. Love! And I am dying over the tutu table. How crazy cute is that?

  4. Also, cute Printables framed with painted mats are super cheap. I love the idea of a wide piece of molding to cover the border, and you could put a few cute hooks on it as well.

  5. Love all the ideas. I also have an Emerson. She will be 7 in a month.

  6. Great ideas! Love the tutu table.

  7. Love the tutu nightstand and I bet every little princess that see's it will want one to. So many great idea's. Thanks for sharing.