Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage Steelmaster Card Cabinet Turned Wine Storage: FOR SALE!

We all know about my recent obsession with industrial chicness (is that a word?).  Well I came across a great find.  A vintage Steelmaster two drawer index card filing cabinet.  I currently have 3 of these (only showing two stacked in the below photos), one with the Steelmasters label and the other two without.  They are not perfect and have some rust but I think it adds to the charm and gives it that vintage feel.

Aren't they so fun!

And look what fits perfectly in the drawers!  Screw the index cards!  These were meant for a nice bottle of Pinot!!!

I'm listing these in my new sidebar link where I will periodically list some industrial chic items.  They can be local pick-up or shipped (with an additional shipping charge)

The lowest price I could find for the vintage ones was $25.00 each.  New ones retail for around $45 each.  So to pass the thriftiness along, I'm listing these at $20 each.  Email me if you are interested in adding a little industrial chic into your life :)


  1. this is perfect fro the closet drinker. i think i need one. ;)

  2. What a great way to repurpose. I think you need about 20 more of these for your collection.

  3. What a cool spot for the vino, I love it!


  4. Ah-haa...very clever! Love it :)