Monday, September 5, 2011

Out and About

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!!!  Just a few finds from this weekend that I didn't pick up but loved!  Somebody go get them!

Salvation Army- Near Diversity Thrift- $50 
Love this in a mudroom or kids room.  Paint it a fun color.

Pottery Barn Teen has a similar look...

Class and Trash- $45 (they negotiate price there...don't forget!)
Thought this had great potential for a bar cart of some sort.  A little paint would work magic!  Love the X's and the wheels.

Kinda love this.  Mail divider?  Craft room scrap book paper organizer?  The possibilities are endless!
Class and Trash- $  ARGH!  Didn't mark the price...sorry!

Class and Trash $58

I almost fell on the floor when I found this similar one online for $1,450!!!!  WHAT!!!
Mid Century Brass Bar Cart

I love how classy a metal bar cart looks in a room...

These were cute, needed a little cleaning but were in pretty decent shape.
Class and Trash- $70 for THE PAIR!!!  Cant beat that price!

Chamberlayne Ave Goodwill- 2 for $40
Love a bench.  These need a paint job but could be transformed into something like this from PB for a fraction of the price!

 Anyone else find anything fun this weekend?!? 

***  There seems to be something wrong with my photos loading!?!?!  I'm working on it!  Sorry!!!  Thanks for checking back later :)


  1. Your class and trash photos aren't loading! Its one of our favorite stores and I'm dying to see what you found there:)

  2. Pics don't display for me either - bummer!