Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Habitat Restore and their Dreamy DiningTable

I usually don't use the words Habitat ReStore and Dreamy together but I was drooling there today...wishing I needed a dining table. 

Habitat ReStore: School St (Richmond Location) $203.99

It's reading lighter and oranger on my horrid iPhone camera but it really was gorg!  Very rustic and it was a good size with a leaf included and it looked BRAND NEW!  Such a steal!  Reminded me of something like this from PB. 

Hayden Dining Table

If you are in the market for a table I would definitely check it out.  Oh and they had a bunch of mantles there too if you were gaga for my sisters fireplace turned headboard like I was!

Loving the gray one! 


  1. I need a new mantle just for a mantle-lol. I should check our ReStore out!

  2. WOW! Love the table, love the mantles! And I'm in disbelief that your ReStore has furniture! Jamie and I have never seen any at ours ...

  3. What else could I do with a mantle? Don't need a head-board, but would love to do something else crafty after my table....

  4. $203.99...what a random price! HA! I can't wait to start redoing our current table!

  5. That is dreamy! Again, wish I lived closer. You find all the good deals!