Monday, May 9, 2011

Out and About-Diversity Thrift (Sherwood Ave) and Ashland Goodwill

Can you guess what I wanted for Mother's Day!?!? 
If you know me at all you would have guessed SHOPPING, without a stroller or tantruming toddler!!! After a really cute picnic planned by Alex and Charlie and Emerson,  I was let free to roam the local thrift stores!!!.  Here is what I found.

Really nice dining set.  Fine the way it is or would be fantastic painted!  In great shape! 
Goodwill Ashland: $250 for the table and 8 chairs!!!  You can't even get a chair for that much from PB!

Side Note:
Do you all ever run into familiar faces while you are thrifting?  People you don't know but see at your local shops.  For the past few months I keep running into this woman named Jackie.  I forget when or at which thrift store we actually first met but I basically see her every time I'm at Goodwill (and we have a bunch of Goodwills here)!  Well of course I ran into  her this day!  She is so friendly and always has thrifty tidbits to share!  She probably thinks I'm some kind of compulsive shopper!  (she might be right!)
She reads the blog too, HI JACKIE!

50's sewing table (would make a great desk too!)
Diversity Thrift $25.00

Loved this table but it was N-A-S-T-Y!!!  Like, filthy dirty!  But I loved the lines and the gold accents on the corners.  Would be super cute painted a fun color and the moulding would really pop under the glass.
Diversity Thrift $35

Loved the lines on this.
Diversity Thrift $49

Ummmmm...this was $10!!!!  You guys know I spent about an hour deliberating about whether I should buy it or not!  The hanging apparatus was messed up in the back and I wasn't sure how I could fix it but it was SOOO pretty! 
Diversity Thrift $10

I really struggled walking away from every single one of these items but for the sake of my marriage and piggy bank, I left them!  But we all know I can't go out on a thrifting excursion without picking up something for myself ;)  I got this outdated vanity light from Habitat Restore.  More to come on what I'm going to do with it.  I'm sure some of you might be able to guess!

And a HUGE thank you to anyone who voted for my project at Naptime Crafter's American Crafter competition!  I've moved on to the next round!!! 


  1. that 2 drawer dresser is so cute, and im liking that glass top side table too but boy does the N-A-S-T-Y show in the picture! and my guess is a candle holder?

  2. awesome finds, erin! and by the way, emmy is actually an emerson!!!! great minds! :) we just call her emmy. i always envision her being older though and going by emerson, or being really sweet and cute and holding onto emmy like emmy rossum. ok, i digress.... happy mother's day!

  3. great finds. Can't believe you left that mirror there. Go back tomorrow and get it!

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with that light fixture! And that mirror is gorg- I wish I lived closer I'd totally run out there and bring it home! :)

  5. I love that nasty filthy table! Never thought I would say that....! It would be so great painted black. Also, don't hate, because that exact, I mean literally the same shape and everything, mirror was left in the trash area of my apartment complex by someone who was moving out. I grabbed it and painted it and it currently resides in my office...great finds this weekend!

  6. That's all i wanted too was a day of shopping alone!


    love your finds~!

  7. I LOVE that nasty table! Although I'm pretty sure that after I managed to get it clean I'd be all crafted out...and not feel like finishing the project. I also LOVE that mirror! That might have to become mine this afternoon...

  8. Wow you found some absolutely amazing things! I was just at mine today and I found a few things but no furniture, I was very bummed!

    That mirror is wonderful and that table wow! So what did you buy?


  9. Oh, that mirror is a looker for sure :) Love the intricate swooping along the edges (not sure what else to call it ?). cool that there is a "thrifting circuit" and you and Jackie are part of it!!!!! :)

    xx Cat brideblu