Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Emily's Fabric

 So I wanted to get a feel for what colors Emily was thinking for her room redo.  I sent her these pictures I found on a blog called firstsense.wordpress.com.  I thought the colors were current and totally fabulous!  I love the way she was inspired by clothing.  So here are the pics I sent Emily.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! 

Emily said she loved them all (I agree!) but mentioned yellow so I kind of picked this one for her! 

I found some fabrics online at quilthome.com.  I LOVE this website for fabrics but most they carry are not home decor (heavier) fabrics which makes them fairly affordable.  The great thing about quilthome is they always have a designer 30% off so if you're not in a hurry you can wait until the one you want goes on sale.  They also have fabrics listed with coordinating options which makes it really easy to choose a few!

I'm not 100% in love with this one but it incorporated all the colors.  I'm off to U-fab today and will keep my eyes peeled for another one with the same colors!

LOVE all of these!  Hope you guys do too!
All $8.95 a yard before discounts
Sometimes I will google the name of the fabric and see if it's cheaper anywhere else too! 

They would be great for recovering a lamp like I did here

Or framing some as art in inexpensive frames like Lynda from the blog Focal Point did here.

I have also used this lighter weight fabric for curtain panels with lining on the back. 
I love the link pattern (3rd) one or the navy geometric one (4th) below for that.  Especially against the white paneling.  I think that would look so classy!

These fabrics would be good for recovering your dining chairs too!  Then you could pick a color in the fabric and paint the frame of the chair to coordinate. I would LOVE to see the frames of the chairs a fun yellow like this and also the one in the inspiration photo above:


I'll be back with inspirational curtain panel ideas next. 
But tell me...do you guys like the color scheme?  Seen any fabrics that would look great with these?  Think I'm missing anything?  Please share as I am nowhere near a professional!!!


  1. i do like that one fabric- it's pretty and fun! there is a nursery done recently i saw in it... maybe at a la mode? also, joann has a new slection of designer fabrics for $19.99 a yard. they aren't on their website, but they have some beautiful graphic prints in very cool colors. you might even try there. can't wait to see where it all goes- so fun!

  2. These are absolutely incredible. I agree with you... I love the one you picked! I have long had that in my inspiration folder. Thanks for sharing those fabric choices as well... I love the yellow one!

  3. Yes, I saw some really pretty prints at JoAnn yesterday - they were outdoor fabric (which is a win in my opinion bc it's nice and thick!) and all so pretty and fun! Even better, they were 40% off!!!

  4. oops... and meant to add that i love the one you picked as well! :) :) :) and i'm slightly obsessed with yellow right now... loving all those yellow accents!

  5. gorgeous and fun color palettes! LOVE the inspiration photos!


  6. Love the inspiration pictures and the dresses too! I am from India and I love the saturated coors in Indian cothing and interiors too!