Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who has weird space above their kitchen cabinets?

Here are some ideas on how to fix it that do not involve faux greenery!

This one might take some time...although not at my house ;)

All the ideas above you could certainly find at your local thrift stores! 

Here's whats going on at my house.  Oh and please pretend my cabinets are white, that's what I do! 
 I don't know why new builders insist on using light oak.  They are just not my cup of tea!
Painting them is on the to do list...although my husband hasn't come to terms with that yet!

I went for the white ceramic look (sorry you only get one photo...the rest of my kitchen looked like a tornado ran through it!)  Very easy to find these at Goodwill for next to nothing.  But I'm kind of liking the last inspiration photo!  Love the layering of the white in the back and the silver items in front. 
Might have to try that! 

What about you all?  What do you have above your kitchen cabinets?


  1. i love those! i love the one with photos- so cool! and your white ceramics look fab! maybe i should take down my faux ivy and baskets? ;)

  2. I do! But mine is an awkward bumped out soffit thing. I call it "the bulkhead" lol It is horrible. But our plan is to gut and redo the kitchen this year (yay! since my kitchen is still living in 1991) and I think we are going to try to rip it out and see what's under there. :/

  3. when things are displayed nicely above units like these images it can look great but i cant cope when boxes & cereal packets are shuvved on top it looks messy, I always think buy the taller kitchen cupboards if you havnt got enough space but these displays look great & bring something personally to the rooms

  4. We have that odd space in our kitchen too. We also have very little storage space in the kitchen so ours is unfortunately taken up with frying pans, skillets and cutting boards. I hate it. In the future I would like to add a small island with storage to the kitchen - since we also have little to no counter space - so that we can hide some of the items that are so ugly to look at.

    I do absolutely LOVE the top idea with the black and white photos.

  5. I have wine bottles, but I love the picture idea.

  6. I painted mine about two years ago and I'm seriously considering doing it again. It was a long, tedious process, but I don't like the color I used. :(

    Anyway, I added crown to to tops of my cabinets, then put some inexpensive puck lights up there. That's it. Nothing decorative.

    I love the black & white pictures, though. That looks great. The silver platters is also pretty cool.

  7. I also LOVE the photo idea, I've also seen word cut outs or vinyl wall decals that looked great in "that" space.

    We don't have "that" space in our current kitchen but have had previously, I have a collection of tins (cookie tins, chocolate tins, maple syrup tins, cereal tins, just decorative tins, you get the idea) which I used to display in that space. Now, I have nowhere to put them. :(

  8. love the gallery wall up there! we have all my big clear glass pitchers, vases, trifle dish, cake keeper, etc up there. with the wall painted a soft sage and white cabinets the glass really gives the room a calming feel...

  9. i love the white cermaics and the photos! sadly my cabinet tops are packed full of empty beer bottles. its REALLY embarrassing so i have to explain to people that my husband is a homebrewer = )

  10. Lovely ideas!

  11. I left mine empty because no matter what I put in the space it gets super dusty and drives me nuts! But the pictures look great so maybe I will rethink that...

    Here's another kitchen space that really baffles me...the space on top of your fridge! Whats up with that? Right now I have nothing on top of my fridge but it looks so bland. On the flip side, when I put something on it, it looks cluttered. I can't win! Thoughts?

  12. We still have knotty pine cabinets that reach to the ceiling, so no space to work with. I'd love to have light oak over the pine. It would make my kitchen 10 years less dated! I would consider painting the cabinets, but they're so broken down they really just need to be replaced!