Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quick Thrifting Post

I ran out this morning and HAD to show you some stuff I found.  I didn't buy any of this stuff :(  so it's fair game for any locals! 

I hadn't been to Consignment Connection in a while but I'm so glad I went today.  LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!  The tufting almost brought me to tears!  I had to keep repeating over and over in my head "I do not need this...Alex will kill me...I do not need this...Alex will kill me!"  This thing was in seriously amazing shape.  Looks brand new.  It was a linen type material.  The photo does it NO justice!  Someone go get it and invite me over to lounge on it!!!

Consignment Connection $395

This bamboo mirror was really cute too! 

Eeeeek, pardon my scrubby outfit and baseball hat!  Bad hair day is an understatement!  And if I put gym clothes on in the morning I am more likely to force myself to work out during naptime (Jillian Michaels Comcast On Demand)...plus I already ate a bag of cadbury miny eggs today and opened the second bag so I really need to...sorry, I digress!

Consignment Connection (can't believe I didn't write the price!  I remember it was good though, or I wouldn't have taken the pic!)

I found a lot more but will post tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so adorable. I bought a side table and table lamp online from Target today. All the while, I was thinking, Erin would have gone out and found a treasure and transformed it into something so much better!

  2. Kimberly! You have a good excuse! You are about to pop! And Target is still thrifty ;)

  3. Love that sofa and wish I had somewhere for it to go....just recently bought a dresser from Consignment connection and painted the ugly wood a really pretty gray.

  4. Slip4! I know, isnt it great! I wish I had somewhere for it to go too!!! Don't you love CConnection! The owners are so friendly too! would love to see a pic of your dresser if you have one! I love a good furniture re-do!

  5. oh my gosh! I LOVE the mirror and the couch! Wish I was nearby! :(

    btw... my mom and I do the same thing when it comes to working out... put on the clothes and it will happen!


  6. I pretty much worship that sofa.

  7. Ashley- It worked today! Did my workout...then finished the second bag of mini eggs ;) (they are the snack size ones, not the gigantic bag, but still!)

  8. Shanna, I know! I will certainly have nightmares about not buying it tonight!

  9. I love this post for so many reasons. First, that couch is aaaahhhhmazing. My mantra for not buying it would be "I don't need it...I just re-covered a couch...I don't need it...but I waaaaant it." Second, I'm pretty sure they put crack cocaine in cadbury mini eggs, those things are addicting.

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  11. I love that couch!! So cute!! And the mirror too! Did you buy anything?!


  12. Oh my goodness. I wish I had seen this a couple weeks ago. I would have rented a truck to get that beauty home!

    I've heard several people mention Consignment Connection in the last week. Time for me to find out where in the city it is. :)