Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goodwill Secretary Desk- You're getting a makeover!

Oh Goodwill and your "Color of the Week!" 
There is really no better place to find a ridiculous, "can I be reading that right" price. 
I found this secretary at the Chamberlayne Goodwill.  The first time I saw it it was $50.  Not bad but not low enough for me to take the plunge.  Well I guess it was meant to be because I went back a few weeks later and the tag matched the color of the week!  Thank you Goodwill Gods!  I ended up getting it for $25!!!
Crazy right!!! I had no idea where it would go but I had to buy it! 

It's going in this cutie's room

(Yes!  She is way to old for a paci!  I'm working on it!  Any tips are more than welcome)

Here are some inspirational photos for your viewing pleasure!

So I will give you 2 hints ;)

                                                            Fabric from Ufab

And I will leave you hanging with those.  I know, the suspense must be killing you ;)


  1. It is going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see your work your magic on it.

  2. lucky emerson!!! i can't wait to see it! i popped into hanover goodwill yesterday and swiped a 50% off end table for $6!!! (of course, i have no clue where it's going or what i'll do to it!) thanks for the thrift store tips! :)

  3. oooh. i can't wait to see!!! the switcheroom one looks so you!

  4. Oooh i love the switcheroom one! It's going to look great in E's room! Can't wait to see the finished product...

    ...cut the very top off her passies... (mean, yes, but also effective!;)) worked like a charm for Jack...

  5. That is a great deal! I can't wait to see how awesome it looks after you tackle it :-)

  6. Oh it's going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see!!

  7. Ohh love it!!!! (P.S. Paci tips welcome over here too, ha. Someone told me to cut the tip off and they'll no longer like it. Well lo and behold, E still could suck it and it didn't bother him at all!)

  8. The thought of painting wood furniture makes me dizzy... or lazy. You always have the best ideas though!

    As far as the pacifier, I weaned mine by taking it from her while she slept, hiding it and not giving back unless she brought it up. After a few weeks she quit asking! It is still at the back of the fridge two years later. Maybe I had just as hard of a time as she did.

  9. Can't wait to see the Secretary! My daughter was a nuky addict until 3. One day, I took it away and said it was only for nap/bed time. One tough day and she could have cared less. You'll feel like a million bucks once you are free of it! It's harder on you than them.

  10. Thanks everyone! Hope you guys like what I do with it! And thanks for this paci tips!

  11. Ditto on cutting the tip of the "binky" as we called it. My dd would hold it in her mouth for a week or two afterward, then just got to where she simply carried it around. Then a week or so later, she just forgot about it! So glad I found your blog, I'm moving to Richmond this summer and can't wait!