Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tray Tables

 I finally got around to going over to Hope Thrift and found this tray table by the checkout.  I'm kind of wishing I picked it up after I found some inspirational photos for you below.  It was $45...more then I would have expected for a thrift store.

Look how fellow Richmonders Sherry and John from Young House Love turned a luggage rack into a similar looking tray table/nightstand.  LOVE IT!

Wouldn't it be so great to modge podge a fun fabric on the top of the tray like Darling Octopus did to this table.  She is so talented!  Love how she uses fabric to spice up furniture pieces...and love that she is from Richmond too!

Look how cute a similar one looks from William Sonoma Home as a nightstand.  Each table is $895...that is a crazy price right?  I guess $45 isn't looking so bad after seeing these!

Williams-Sonoma Home-$895

P.S.  I just got back from shopping...ALONE ;) and found lots of fabulous stuff so check back tomorrow!  

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