Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Napkin Ring turned Stella and Dot Inspired Necklace

So yesterdays thrifting did not go so well!  Of the three places I tried, two were closed and one was A. gross and B.  mostly clothes.  I couldn't end my shopping trip on such a sour note so I headed to Pier 1.  Don't you just love how that place smells!  Yesterday it was smelling even sweeter since the one open thrift store was so foul! 

I went in looking for pillows for my living room but found this little beauty! For $3.95!!!

Intended as napkin jewelry, I thought it would make great human jewelry!  Does she not look like she is right out of the Stella and Dot catalog? 

Sorry for the headless photo but I had just gotten back from a walk with a neighbor and from the neck up was not lookin' so good!  Anyway, here is a very similar one from Stella and Dot (who I love...and own many pieces from, including this exact brooch/pendant in silver!  A gift from my sisters!)

Stella and Dot -  $49+shipping!

All I did to my Pier 1 find was forcefully remove the ring part and slip a chain through one of the openings!  You could take it even farther and hot glue a pin to it and turn it into a brooch.

I know this isn't a thrift store find but I thought you'd prefer it over a picture of worn out mom jeans from the stinky thrift store!


  1. That is beautiful! I am headed to Pier 1 and get one for myself.

  2. So glad you like it Shannon! It didn't take much to pop the ring part right off! I got mine at the Pier 1 by Virginia Center Commons but Im guessing they have them everywhere.

  3. LOVE this! Way to think outside the box. : )


  4. ROCK it girl! love love love your style.

  5. Thanks ladies! Your comments mean so much to this newbie blogger!

  6. what a GREAT idea! i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!