Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is that a Pottery Barn dresser?


Oh no, no it's not!  It's a SUPER find from Salvation Army Family Store!

I found this yesterday on my shopping adventures and could not help but notice how PotteryBarn-ish it looks!  It was a little worn but let's be honest, if you have children every item in your home probably has gotten some "love" from your kids!  Here is a very similar one I found at Pottery Barn:

                                                                  Pottery Barn- $1,400

 I actually like the draw pulls on our version better!  I must warn you though...You may want to bring some sort of gas mask or can of Febreeze.  This Salvation Army Family store was not the freshest! 

Location:  Salvation Arm Family Store- Mechanicsville VA 800-728-7825
Price:  $150


  1. Welcome to blogging Erin!! Love the blog - and you'll find this hillarious. I actually bought the desk you posted about at Consignment Connection when I was there on Friday!

    Now, can you help me find a pair of jenny lind (spindle) twin beds for Gray's big boy room - I would be forever greatful!!


  2. Jenn! You just made my day! You have no idea how happy it makes me that you bought the desk! It is so cute! When I saw it I was desperately trying to find a spot it would fit in my house...but couldn't! I'm so glad you did! I'm on the case of the jenny lind beds! I love a mission!