Monday, January 14, 2013

Class Finds

I was dropping off some things at Class and Trash today 
and wanted to share some treasures I spotted as I was looking around.
I just love the rustic farm table look to this little beaut.  It had a fantastic gray wash color.

Class and Trash (upstairs) $85

I think it would look so chic with some white chairs like in this inspiration photo.  
The Class version, obviously smaller scale, but you get the gist!

They also had this fantastic vintage vending machine.  
Clearly not for everyone!  I loved it though!  
Could be cool in a man cave or playroom.  

Have you seen the one at U-Fab where it dispenses boxes of nail head trim.
Love it!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!


  1. That vending machine totally reminds me of the one in ufab! Totally!

  2. U-Fab vending machine designer here! Thanks for the shout out:) ohh.. we just got back from vacation..I wonder if that is still available. Will call Lisa in the AM! U-Fab is in need of a second vending machine!

  3. From where you got this vintage wending machine? Its looking so cool and fabulous.