Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trunk Makeover

I dropped this off at my booth yesterday.  
I wanted to share because I just love the worn, whitewashed look.

Class and Trash $48

It started out like this...


I mixed a little white paint with water.  About 2 parts paint one part water.  I used the cheapo brushes from Home Depot and just lightly brushed it on.

I have a very similar one I use as a coffee table/toy storage in our family room.

And it really reminds me of Kate's trunk shown here...

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC and VERY HAPPY Thanksgiving!
See y'all next week!

The "Daily Steal" over at Charles Emerson Designs is The Chevron!  
On sale for $12 instead of $15!
Available in 3 colors!


  1. very very pretty! I love that whitewashed and grayed look right now too!

  2. What color do you have on the walls in yr family room? Love!

  3. Love the trunk color! I'm headed to Richmond today and will be stopping by Class & Trash Friday morning- hopefully I can see it in person!

  4. Love this - it looks so pretty now :)

  5. Has this sold? Wish we were still in Richmond because I would have bought it for myself!

  6. Nice idea to tun a old wooden box in to a tea table and it's slightly looks so antique after renovation.